About Me

I'm Amanda, and I’m a portrait artist. I've been a portrait artist since I could hold one of those nice chunky crayons. I've never wanted to be anything else. Once, long, long ago in art college, I studied the fine art of painting. I still paint and I will always love painting, but for the past few years, photography has stolen my heart.

It is my goal to record the beauty of the things most people overlook, because I think there are many beautiful things in life that people just get too busy to see, starting with themselves. The most beautiful things to me are the people I am blessed to know and have as a part of my life. So, I want to make amazing pictures of them that show them why I think they are beautiful. In fact, I want to do that for everyone who will let me.

Interesting Stuff

Now that you’ve read the official bio, here’s more interesting stuff... if you’re wondering if we’ll have fun together, I made a list of characteristics of my ‘perfect client’ as an exercise recently. We are guaranteed to have a great time if:

You hate the way you look in photos
You think posed pictures are boring
You want to make art but don’t know how
You make art and want to be the art
You hate getting dressed up
You love getting dressed up
You like to wear hats
You are picky
You say cool beans
You like Star Trek better than Star Wars
You know everything is going to be all right in the end
You like coffee better than tea
You know how to use a french press
You think pictures should be held in your hand or hung on walls
You are tired of the same old same old
You don’t follow trends
You are cool by your own rules
You’ve never been cool and you don’t care if you ever are
You like British motorcycles
You want a picture of your kid/partner/self laughing so hard there are tears rolling down their/your cheeks
You think South Park is brilliant social satire
You love the art of Dr. Seuss
Your favorite Beatle is John
You know who the Beatles are
You are passionate about things, whatever they are
You love dogs
You love cats
You see beauty in simple things all around you
You are a detail person
You want to hire someone who is a professional so you don’t have to worry about this particular detail
You believe that people can be amazing
You wish that more people would realize they could be amazing
You want to know someone who thinks you’re amazing
You think margaritas are the perfect frozen beverage of sweet, salty, and sour happiness
You’ve never hired a photographer before
You hired a photographer before and were totally uncomfortable the whole time
You need reassurance when there’s a camera in the room
You want someone who won’t lose her cool, no matter what happens
You want a picture of your kid/partner/self that captures THAT look, you know the one
You believe equal rights are for everyone
You have ever completely given your heart to a pet
You believe that love is what makes a family
You believe that a job worth doing is worth doing well
You like people who say please and thank you
You like nice people
You talk to your grandma as often as you can
You love Bugs Bunny
You still love Lucy
You went to band camp
You want to look good—really good