Friday, September 24, 2010

Athens, Georgia Wedding: More Wedding Photos

I processed another large group of Melissa & Oliver's wedding photos yesterday, and there were so many great photos! What a photogenic family they are! Here are a few of my favorites.

Athens Wedding 2.jpg

Athens Wedding 1.jpg

Athens Wedding 8.jpg

Athens Wedding 4.jpg

Athens Wedding 7.jpg

Athens Wedding 21.jpg

Thanks for looking! I hope you have a great weekend. Neat stuff happening this weekend, so check back on Monday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Athens, Georgia Wedding: Scooter Pics!!

Hi everybody! Today I've got a fun set of photos to share with you. These are wedding photos from the Melissa and Oliver wedding in Athens at the Hotel Indigo. After the wedding reception, it was time for the bride and groom to head off into the sunset. Being a couple with style and panache, not to mention being the coolest people I know, they chose to make their grand exit on Oliver's scooter. There was an issue locating the keys to said scooter, which left the wedding guests standing outside for a few extra minutes. Not missing the opportunity, Oliver's dad and uncle proceeded to entertain the crowd by attempting to escape on the scooter. This was such a fun wedding. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed making and processing them!

The trusty steed:

Athens Wedding 1.jpg

Athens Wedding 4.jpg

Athens Wedding 5.jpg

Athens Wedding 7.jpg

Athens Wedding 8.jpg

Athens Wedding 9.jpg

Athens Wedding 11.jpg

Athens Wedding 15.jpg

Athens Wedding 16.jpg

Athens Wedding 19.jpg

And they lived happily evah aftah! That's all folks!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding: Melissa and Oliver

At last! The awesome Melissa and Oliver were married on Sunday at the Hotel Indigo in Athens. It was a wonderful outdoor wedding with perfect weather. Melissa was stunning and Oliver was dapper, as it should be. Everyone was so funny, my cheeks still hurt from laughing. I don't think I've ever had so much fun at a wedding. And I got a zillion amazing photos. I will be sure to share more photos with you as I finish processing them.

Athens Wedding 1.jpg

Athens Wedding 3.jpg

Athens Wedding 4.jpg

Athens Wedding 5.jpg

Athens Wedding 6.jpg

Athens Wedding 7.jpg

Athens Wedding 8.jpg

Athens Wedding 9.jpg

Athens Wedding 12.jpg

Athens Wedding 11.jpg

Thanks for looking! More coming soon....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bridal Session: Hotel Indigo, Athens

So, I've been teasing you for a while now that I was going to show you some bridal portraits, and now that the wedding is all over (Congratulations to Melissa and Oliver!), it's safe to post more of Melissa's photos. There were so many gorgeous photos, it was hard to choose, so I'm going to do something different here and suggest you visit my FaceBook fan page to see more after you look at this post.

In case you didn't see my last post with the sneak peek, Melissa chose to have her bridal session at the Hotel Indigo in Athens. Wow, is that a cool hotel. It's LEED certified, which means that it was constructed and operates in a highly environmentally friendly manner. Not only that, but it is GORGEOUS. We started the session in the presidential suite, because who can resist a teal blue baby grand piano? And then we made our way around the hotel pausing for photos at a few choice locations. It was great fun, and Melissa was simply stunning. Did I mention how beautiful Melissa looked? See for yourself.

Bridal Portrait 5.jpg

Bridal Portrait 8.jpg

Bridal Portrait 11.jpg

Bridal Portrait 12.jpg

Bridal Portrait 17.jpg

Bridal Portrait 25.jpg

Bridal Portrait 27.jpg

Bridal Portrait 30.jpg

Bridal Portrait 19.jpg

Bridal Portrait 36.jpg

A great big thanks to Tanya Morris of the White House Hair Salon in Jefferson for working her hair and make-up magic. Thanks for looking!

I've been keeping things from you

Hi again internet. I hope you will forgive me, but it's true, I haven't told you everything I've been up to with my camera in the past few months. It's time to come clean.

This week will be brought to you by the letter "W". Some words that begin with the letter "W" are: Wedding, Wedding Cake, Wedding Ring, Wedding Album, Wedding Photographer, and Wedding Portraits. So, by now you may have guessed what I've been up to, I've been photographing weddings. Yes, it's true. I'm adding weddings to my list of services, so I've spent some time in the last few months learning the ropes under the wings of some wonderful, very experienced local wedding photographers. Today I'm going to share a few of the photos that I took during some of the weddings that I assisted Joseph Aczel Photography. Be sure to click that link and check out Joseph's work, because he's really an amazing artist and a super nice guy too. I've learned a lot working with him.

Wedding Photography 6.jpg

Wedding Photography 1.jpg

Wedding Photography 2.jpg

Wedding Photography 3.jpg

Wedding Photography 4.jpg

Wedding Photography 8.jpg

Wedding Photography 9.jpg

Wedding Photography 10.jpg

Wedding Photography 11.jpg

Wedding Photography 12.jpg

Wedding Photography 13.jpg

Wedding Photography 14.jpg

Wedding Photography 5.jpg

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lawrenceville Senior Session: Collins Hill High

Hello again. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Joey. He goes to Collins Hill High School in Lawrenceville. I really like Joey. He's one of those strong quiet types, until you get to know him... then he's not as quiet, but definitely still a young man with strength of character.

Joey was a little nervous about having his senior portrait made, but he's a good sport, so he went along with it. It was a perfect evening for photos, and Joey was such a natural in front of the camera that we were done in record time without even breaking a sweat. After we were all done, he even said it was actually kind of fun. Woo-hoo! Check out these cool photos we made.

Senior Portrait 2.jpg

Senior Portrait 1.jpg

Senior Portrait 3.jpg

Senior Portrait 4.jpg

Senior Portrait 5.jpg

Senior Portrait 6.jpg

Senior Portrait 7.jpg

Senior Portrait 8.jpg

Thanks again for taking a look at my photos. If you like what you see, please share this link with someone!