Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lawrenceville Teen Portrait: Mountain View High

Hello again everyone. Today is all about Mary Jane, a sophomore at Mountain View High in Lawrenceville. I think Mary Jane is a remarkable young woman. She is tough enough to get up at ridiculous o'clock and be at swim practice when the rest of us bums are still snoozing in our beds. Not only that, but she's an accomplished equestrienne (there will be a vocab test later, so look it up!). All that and good looks too! Not too shabby. So, take a look at these cool photos we took this weekend at her aunt's farm.

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 10.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 11.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 5.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 6.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 1.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 3.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 9.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 12.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 7.jpg

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heavenly Inspiration: Atlanta Portrait Session

Hiya Internet. Today I bring you something different. That's one of the things I like best about photography. I almost never do anything twice. But I digress....


Today I bring you something different. (I said that already? Sorry.) The photos I am posting today are from last week's portrait session with one of my favorite people in the whole world. This is my friend Heavenly. Yes, that is her real name. I don't use aliases here, just first names. Heavenly is, like her name implies, one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. She's a beautiful young woman, but her real beauty is on the inside (seriously!). We've been promising to do some photos for a long time, but she's a busy lady, what with school and her cool job as a DJ at that radio station in downtown Atlanta (don't have permission to tell you which). I don't think I need to tell you that this is somebody to look out for. I sure hope she remembers us little people... :-)

So here's a few of my favorites so far. This first one is for her Mom. See? She's still your sweet little girl. I apologize for the last one though. She made me do it.

Fashion Portrait 4.jpg

Fashion Portrait 2.jpg

I looooove the attitude in this one.

Fashion Portrait 3.jpg

Fashion Portrait 6.jpg

Fashion Portrait 7.jpg

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mel & Oli's Wedding Guest Book

A few days ago I posted about the cool layflat photo books that we have available for order. I just got this one in last week and I really wanted to share it with you because it's so cool. This book is Melissa and Oliver's custom designed wedding guest book. A guest book is a great way to show off your favorite photos from your engagement session. Take a look at how neat it is!

Just like Apple computer, it starts with the presentation! The book comes in a very attractive gift box (I added the peacock feathers... you'll see why)

Wedding Guest Book 1.jpg

Ok, it's so pretty I gotta show it again...

Wedding Guest Book 9.jpg

But the best part is when you open the box... cue the angels please.... aaaaaaahhhhh...

Wedding Guest Book 2.jpg

The book cover is custom designed, front and back. This one is in the matte finish.

Wedding Guest Book 3.jpg

Wedding Guest Book 4.jpg

I loooove how the pages lay flat. It makes it easy for the guests to sign with one hand while they hold their beverage of choice in the other hand at the reception. And, as your photographer, I want you to see the whole photo that we made... not lose half of it in the gutter between the pages.

Wedding Guest Book 5.jpg

Remember this photo? It's one of my favorites...

Wedding Guest Book 6.jpg

And of course, since we love love love details around here, there is a place in the back to record all the fabulous gifts that everyone gave you!

Wedding Guest Book 7.jpg

So, there it is! Melissa and Oliver's custom designed, super fabulous guest book. Notice the coolio peacock feathers on the cover art? When we design her wedding albums, everything will coordinate with her wedding theme... how cool is that?

Wedding Guest Book 8.jpg

Thanks again for humoring me and fake laughing at all my lame jokes one more time! And don't forget to keep checking back, because there is some awesome stuff coming in the next few weeks, not the least of which is a WEDDING!!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait: Mountain View High

Hello again Internet friends. Today I have something new for you. The pictures I'm posting today are Matthew's senior portraits. Matthew graduated from Mountain View this year, but was never very happy with his official MVH senior portraits. No problem! He grabbed his bass guitar, I grabbed my Canon, we visited a couple of super cool locations around Lawrenceville, and Ta-da!, cool senior portraits for a cool guy. No stinky fake tuxedo here. No way.

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 8.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 5.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 6.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 7.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 3.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 11.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 12.jpg

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait.jpg

Bonus scenic shot! Matt was blessed with good photo mojo all afternoon. The sun graciously went behind clouds whenever we needed it to, extra neat scenes appeared out of the blue, traffic would disappear just long enough to get the shot. It was just good stuff. This water tower was a great ending to the shoot. I can't believe I never noticed it before!

Lawrenceville Senior Portrait 9.jpg

Once again, thanks for looking! Keep checking back, because I've still got pet photos, more teen portraits, and a seriously smoking bridal session coming up in the next week!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Check Out Our Layflat Photo Book!

Hello Internet! It occurred to me that it would be a good idea to show you some of the items that we create for our clients, so I'm making an effort to photograph the many different ways that you can choose to display your photographs from your session. One of the best ways to show off an amazing set of photos from your portrait photography session is to have us design a custom photo book or album for you. We have many styles to choose from.

The photo book I'm going to show you today is a press printed layflat photo book. This is great for seniors!

Portrait Album 1.jpg

It comes with a custom printed cover. You can choose matte, textured satin, or gloss sheen on the cover. This one is matte finish.

Portrait Album 8.jpg

The cover is neatly wrapped around the spine and corners.

Portrait Album 9.jpg

Portrait Album 2.jpg

The inside covers and flyleaf pages are a luxurious heavyweight textured paper that is perfect for writing an inscription, 'cause you're going to want to give these as gifts!

Portrait Album 3.jpg

They come in several sizes, 5x5", 8x8", 10x10", 12x12", 8x12”, and 12x8". This one is 8x8", which means it's a full 16 inches wide when open!

Portrait Album 4.jpg

What's really neat about this photo book is that the pages are bound so that they lay flat when it's open (uh, that's why they so cleverly named it the Layflat Photo Book... whee!). There's no gutter that sucks up half the image in these books. The pages lay down with the tiniest seam in the center so that you can enjoy every square inch of your photos!

Portrait Album 6.jpg

Portrait Album 7.jpg

And the options! You can choose cover stock or pearl pages. You can choose our standard layout in black or white, or a custom layout, or a combination... it's all up to you! The minimum size for these books is 20 pages, but don't let that stop you! You can have up to 40 pages in these books. Not only that, but since they are press printed and not photographically printed (I'll show you one of those later), you can have them in a hurry, usually in less than a week after you've approved the design. How's that for instant gratification? Waiting schmaiting.

Seniors, take note here.... we have several designs just for you that leave room for you or your friends to write in them. Yep, we've designed cool background imagery that looks awesome with your photos so that you can let your favorite friends write all over them. That's so much better than your high school year book!

I dunno, maybe you can tell that I think these books are awesome, but if you haven't noticed that yet, I'm going to let you know right now that I think these layflat photo books are really just super neat. (Yeah, I really talk like that in real life.... I'm a dork.) I could go on more, but I should probably stop..

Oh wait! I forgot the best part! These books are really pleasantly priced, starting at less than a hundred.

Thanks again for checking out my blog. Don't forget to subscribe and share me with a friend on FaceBook. And coming soon, more senior portraits and some heavenly photos! And some doggy portraits. Oh, and a bridal session. And some wedding photos.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rachel's Rockin' the Frock in Jefferson

Hello again Internet friends. Somehow it's been a long time since I've been here. Nonetheless, I've been a very busy 'photographist', and I've got a lot to share with you in the next few entries. First, I'll start with Rachel. This is Rachel's big modeling debut, and I think you will agree with me that she is simply gorgeous. We thought it would be really fun to do a Rock the Frock style session and have her get all glammed up. Just take a look at how stunning she is. (Note to Rachel's moms: Y'all are in trouble.) And I also want to give a huge thanks to Tanya Morris of the White House Hair Salon in Jefferson for doing hair and makeup for us. I can't praise Tanya enough, and I'm really excited because she and I have a couple more treats for you to see in the next few weeks, so keep checking in!

Rock the Frock 4.jpg

Rock the Frock 2.jpg

Rock the Frock 7.jpg

Rock the Frock 6.jpg

Rock the Frock 8.jpg

Rock the Frock 10.jpg

Rock the Frock 5.jpg

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