Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Melissa & Oliver

Here's a few more totally awesome photos of Melissa & Oliver. Once again I have too many awesome photos, but i think that's a great problem to have! I've got to go out of town this weekend, but check back next week for a neat special treat from their shoot!







IMG_1090 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Melissa & Oliver

This is Melissa & Oliver. They are super cool. They are getting married in September because that's what super awesome people in love should do. On Sunday we headed up into the mountains to take appropriately amazing pictures for this super phenomenal couple. We took pictures on the Appalachian Trail, at their secret water fall, by Graffiti Rock, and at my favorite lake. I can't tell you exactly where we were because I was blindfolded for most of the day and sworn to secrecy, but I am at liberty to tell you that ice cream sandwiches rock.

IMG_0414 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_0204 - Version 2.jpg


IMG_0275 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_0290 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_0322 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg


IMG_0740 - Version 2.jpg


IMG_0911 - Version 2.jpg


IMG_1102 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_1061 - Version 2.jpg

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom & Dad!!!

With the insistence of the kids, it was time for Beth and John to pose. Now you can see where they all get their amazing good looks!

I just want to say that I had so much fun spending time with this family. Everyone was so sweet and funny, it was a real joy to be a part of their special occasion. I am grateful that they shared their afternoon with me.

Thanks guys!

IMG_9411 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9405 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9468 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9475 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9478 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

Jayson & Jessica

Next is was Jayson & Jessica's turn. They brought along a furry friend who was super sweet. Then they snuggled up for a few photos with just them. Take a look at this adorable couple!

IMG_9327 - Version 2.jpg




IMG_9361 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg



IMG_9392 - Version 2.jpg

Sarah & Harry

After Amy left with her friends, there was still a crowd around. I still had plenty of film left, so we kept playing. Sarah, Amy's sister, and Harry posed for a few shots. These two were a lot of fun and kept everyone laughing... and just look how beautiful they are!

IMG_9259 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9299 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_8906 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_8933 - Version 2 - Version 2 (1).jpg

IMG_9283 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg


IMG_9319 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9312 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9314 - Version 2.jpg

And now more about Amy

Though Amy was on a pretty tight schedule, she was a gracious young lady and agreed to make a few non-prom photos with her brother and sister. Here's Amy, Sarah, and Jayson hamming it up...


IMG_9213 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9217 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9221 - Version 2.jpg

Jayson has a quiet moment...

IMG_9232 - Version 2 - Version 2.jpg

Torturing your parents is always great fun!

IMG_9255 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9247 - Version 2.jpg

Friday, May 7, 2010

Change of Pace

Sometimes I take my camera to Zac's soccer games. It's a really good way to sharpen my skills and it's also a lot of fun. Here's a few of my favorite soccer photos.

4-17-10 4.jpg

4-17-10 5.jpg

4-17-10 6.jpg

4-17-10 7.jpg

4-17-10 9.jpg

4-17-10 10.jpg

4-17-10 12.jpg

4-17-10 14.jpg

4-17-10 15.jpg

Zac in flight.jpg

Zac shoe.jpg