Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bridal Session: Hotel Indigo, Athens

So, I've been teasing you for a while now that I was going to show you some bridal portraits, and now that the wedding is all over (Congratulations to Melissa and Oliver!), it's safe to post more of Melissa's photos. There were so many gorgeous photos, it was hard to choose, so I'm going to do something different here and suggest you visit my FaceBook fan page to see more after you look at this post.

In case you didn't see my last post with the sneak peek, Melissa chose to have her bridal session at the Hotel Indigo in Athens. Wow, is that a cool hotel. It's LEED certified, which means that it was constructed and operates in a highly environmentally friendly manner. Not only that, but it is GORGEOUS. We started the session in the presidential suite, because who can resist a teal blue baby grand piano? And then we made our way around the hotel pausing for photos at a few choice locations. It was great fun, and Melissa was simply stunning. Did I mention how beautiful Melissa looked? See for yourself.

Bridal Portrait 5.jpg

Bridal Portrait 8.jpg

Bridal Portrait 11.jpg

Bridal Portrait 12.jpg

Bridal Portrait 17.jpg

Bridal Portrait 25.jpg

Bridal Portrait 27.jpg

Bridal Portrait 30.jpg

Bridal Portrait 19.jpg

Bridal Portrait 36.jpg

A great big thanks to Tanya Morris of the White House Hair Salon in Jefferson for working her hair and make-up magic. Thanks for looking!

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