Thursday, November 26, 2009

Leslie, Tanya, Rachel, Victoria & Jason

This was the most fun photo session I've ever done. I literally have more photos from this session than I know what to do with. Leslie and Tanya, and their three kids Rachel, Victoria, and Jason, are so much fun! We spent a Sunday afternoon just hanging out and goofing off. First we walked around a friend's property and played in the antique land cruiser, at the pond, and on the rope swing. Then we hopped in the car and headed to a cow farm. It was so beautiful there.. and there was poop everywhere! It was a beautiful afternoon, and I really enjoyed spending it with them.

Here's some of our favorites:

LTM  716.jpg

LTM  718.jpg

LTM  720.jpg

LTM  8.jpg

LTM  721.jpg

LTM  722.jpg

LTM  723.jpg

LTM  724.jpg

LTM  7.jpg

LTM  729.jpg

LTM  728.jpg

LTM  11.jpg

LTM  10.jpg

LTM  733.jpg

Poop! Everywhere!
LTM  5.jpg

LTM  6.jpg

LTM  1.jpg

LTM  2.jpg

LTM  12.jpg

LTM  13.jpg

LTM  4.jpg

LTM  3.jpg

Monday, November 9, 2009

Melissa's Horses: BJ & Sonny

November 16.jpg

This is BJ. She is a quarterhorse with mad horse skills. I say this as if I know anything about horses. But the truth is, after watching her perform, I must admit that she has more grace and athletic ability in her left rear hoof than I will ever have in my whole life added up and multiplied by 10. It was really awesome to watch Melissa's horses, BJ and Sonny, in action. They are powerful and graceful animals. Hearing the stories that Melissa and Oliver had to share about them, I am now more convinced than ever that animals are much, much smarter than we are in so many ways. Not only that, but beware of a horse with a sense of humor...

November 23.jpg

This is Sonny..

November 25.jpg

November 24.jpg

This is Melissa and Sonny..

IMG_2065 - Version 2.jpg

This is Oliver and BJ..

November 20.jpg

It's a group portrait!

IMG_2118 - Version 3.jpg

Sonny being serious..

November 26.jpg

Sonny doing her camel impersonation..

November 29.jpg

All that exercise makes a horse as thirsty as a camel.

November 30.jpg

She doesn't mind the bath at all.

November 31.jpg

November 32.jpg

November 27.jpg

November 33.jpg

Illy and Reese

IMG_1578 - Version 2.jpg

Illy and Reese are best puppy friends. Illy is a 3 month old cattledog/catahoula leopard dog mix who belongs to Melissa and Oliver. Her ears are the coolest! Reese is her puppy neighbor and comes over to visit Illy quite a lot. Their favorite game is tug-of-war. They tugged and tugged all afternoon until they were wiped out!

IMG_1589 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_1594 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_1558 - Version 3.jpg

IMG_1557 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_1636 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_1677 - Version 2.jpg

Tallulah Stole My Duckie!

November 5.jpg

Ok Internet.. I just want to be really clear about this. No matter how cute she is, she still stole my rubber duckie. And just because it's adorable when she chews on it and the squeaking makes her tail wag so hard that she wiggles all over doesn't mean it wasn't a brazen act of puppy thievery. Just so we're clear.

November 4.jpg

November 3.jpg

November 7.jpg

Daisy's Close Ups

November 10.jpg

I've managed to get a little behind again with editing and posting. But I've been having a great time taking animal photos lately. Daisy is becoming less camera shy, thankfully, so I was able to get some great up close shots of her late one evening. The fascinating thing I've learned about dogs since having Daisy in my life is that, despite what we've been led to believe, animals have distinct personalities and deep emotions. You see, Daisy is what my vet refers to as "high strung." Meaning she's insane. And I say in the best, most loving way.. kind of like the way my mom says it about me. Daisy has an extremely serious obsession with squirrels which has led to a couple of close calls recently (for the squirrels). And I don't mean that she's interested in them, or amused by them, or any other descriptive with mild connotations. Daisy is pure dog-obsessed with squirrels. She wakes me up lately at the very first signs of light, squeaking and whimpering as she peers out the window of the bedroom. "Are they up yet, are they up yet, are they up yet?" All of the windows in the house have little nose smears on them where she keeps watch with trembling intensity. When we go outside, she roars out the back door like she's dog-drag racing.. you can practically smell smoke as she scrambles across the deck and onto the ground, dirt and leaves flying from beneath her feet. Squirrels scream and race up into their trees to safety. Then she assumes the watch. She never looks down when she's outside. She moves in a counterclockwise routine around the yard, from spot to spot, peering up into the trees, always watching. Not too long ago, she cornered one under our fire pit on the patio at 7am. I imagine the neighbors really appreciated me out there in my pajamas chasing my dog around in circles shouting and cursing and threatening. The poor squirrel escaped, but probably had a heart attack shortly afterward. Since then, Daisy's obsession has escalated. There is nothing in the world more interesting than a squirrel, not even peanut butter, which, as we all know, is the world's most perfect food. The funny thing is, even after living with Daisy for 3 months now, and mimicking everything she does, Tallulah Belle has absolutely no interest in squirrels. Funny, huh?

November 9.jpg

November 12.jpg